Rope bondage for Sex

Bondage can be fun in itself, but sometimes what we want is tie down our partners and have our way with them. This hands-on workshop teaches you some useful positions meant not just to restrain, but also to make available interesting bits of the bunny's anatomy. We will cover three specific ties exposing the buttocks, the groin and the breasts, so there should be something useful for you regardless of your body type and that of your partners. Bring your rope if you have some, but there will be communal rope for practice. We will help you find a practice partner if you're on your own. The workshop is suitable for people with some familiarity with rope, and assumes you can confidently tie single- and double-column ties (if you don't, you can take our .Rope Bondage: the Basics workshop, which will cover those!).

By Will Marlowe our highly skilled resident rope specialist who has trained with some of the leading masters in the world such as Esinem.

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