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I'm a very lucky lady who gets what I want, as I believe we just get this one life and we need to make the most of it! No point being shy or fearing rejection, if you want it then go for it! A motto I've had for life is if you don't ask then you don't get, so feel free to ask, worst that will happen is I'll ignore you or say no and I'm sure you can live with that for the chance of a 'yes'!

wanna know about me?

I am generally a very confident and fearless person. What is there to be scared of really? Dinosaurs, well luckily I chose something that's extinct! I'm honest and loyal as well as respectful but above all pleasing.

I have done plenty of bondage modeling over the years with a few different sites but my passion lies in the tying, though nothing beats the feel of cold hard metal on flesh!

Physically I am 5ft 10 inches without the heels so very tall and imposing with heels! I'm curvy but firm with very strong, long legs able to crush if I see fit. My breast are around DD cups so more then a handful and I have a large round curvy bottom, plenty to worship! I have pretty feet too that enjoy touching as I am not ticklish in the slightest.

I am currently in a head space that needs to focus on my own well being and not in a place where I can cope with any relationships. So for the foreseeable future I am single and happy that way. I still live with my husband and children and am hoping to maintain that family unit even though my husband and I have separate bedrooms and a platonic friendship. I am however looking for fun (safe) play with people I make a connection with, whether I am exploring my submissive side more with trusted friends or topping all the lovely people that trust me to play with them. I will be taking this time to discover more about myself and my likes and dislikes, as I feel some self discovery and growth is long over due.

I feel the need to add that I really do try to please all the people I can at events but just lately I've had a lot of unhealthy guilt around not getting to play with people or rushing things. So I think I just need to put this out here, to take the pressure off me, that I cannot guarantee anyone play but please do still ask me and you know I'll try my best to please. I just feel I go at 100 miles an hour and just need to slow down and take my time and savor the moment a bit more and allow myself time to rest and actually socialise between scenes as there are so many lovely people I haven't had a chance to talk to yet and I'm going to change that.

If you would like to know more about my kinky side start a conversation with me, I may wish to share a naughty word or two with you.

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