Panacea Rules

0. TOYS & WEAPONS - although there will be extensive dungeon equipment on two floors, please note that no weapons or intimate toys will be provided other than those wielded by the dungeon caretakers. So please bring your own to avoid disappointment. If you need to buy something please contact Vicky of Bondatrix who will also be there on the night with an excellent set of BDSM kit to try and/or buy.

1. FOOD & DRINK - please bring your own and leave in the kitchen if you like. There is a small Tescos close by if you can't travel with it. Please no messy foods though, i.e. pizza, hand foods OK, curries/spillable juicy stuff not so great. Also please talk to us if you want to arrange any deliveries. The kitchen has a fridge, food storage, microwave, tea/coffee making facilities etc.

1.1 - GLASS - please keep all glass, e.g. bottles, out of the dungeon and play areas. If you wish to take your drinks away from the dressing area or kitchen then please use the plastic cups provided. 

2. DRESS CODE - recommend fetish or Goth wear please. E.G. leather, rubber, corsets, cross dress, collars, leashes etc... have a look at the past event photo galleries for inspiration.

3. INTIMACY & NUDITY - Intimacy and nudity are allowed everywhere but see about consent below. Also please keep it safe! 

4. CONSENT - always ASK before touching, watching or doing anything that you think might invade someone's personal space or privacy. If in doubt just ask. Asking and discussing what you will do before you do it is sexy and totally necessary.  Please read our guide on CONSENT here, of use even if you are an experienced player.

4.1 CONSENT VIOLATIONS - We treat the safety of our guests very seriously and any consent violations will result in the following action: a) the incident and details of the perpetrator  will be recorded, b) the perpetrator will be removed from the event, c) the perpetrator will not be allowed to return to future events.

5. SANITY - a bit of a drink is OK but please refrain from engaging in any scenes if you have impaired judgement, coordination, sensations etc... in other words too intoxicated don't engage in any potentially dangerous play.  We reserve the right to ask anyone too intoxicated to leave or stop engaging in scenes to keep everyone, including themselves, safe.

6. SHOWERS & WASHING - please bring a towel if you want to use the very lovely 2-3 person shower. We suggest this could be a good play area for small groups too...

7. YOUR STUFF - there is a changing room with storage facility for bags etc but this won't be monitored so please don't bring any valuables and although we will do our very best to keep your possessions safe you will be leaving these at your own risk. This is a small party and we know most people attending, but would appreciate everyone's cooperation to help keep it safe. If anyone see's anything suspect then please report it immediately to one of the party helpers.  PS: do try and keep an eye on your things when leaving! Please contact us for lost property so we can arrange retrieval - this can be done at our events in person or if you wish for them to be posted there may be a charge to cover costs.

8. DISCRETION - the venue management have asked us to keep a low profile around the area. This is a very lovely locale and we don't want to cause them any complications with either the authorities or their neighbours. It is a quiet area so let's try keep it that way. 

9. MESS - if things get messy (and we sincerely hope they do at least a little!) then we would appreciate if you could clear up when evacuating equipment so that others can play in a clean environment after you have finished your scene. There will be cleaning materials around and if not in the main dungeon areas these can usually be found in the kitchen. 

10. LOCATION - will be divulged directly on ticket purchase but it's near a Victoria line tube, so will benefit from 24 hour underground service, although there are some good value hotels close by too if you are so inclined.  Do let us know if you require details.

11. PLEASE ASK - if you have any questions or need any help with anything then please ask any of the organisers anytime.  We have red armbands with the Panacea logo.

12. HAVE FUN! ❤️