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What makes our parties unique? 

Independent blog review of our first ever workshops here

What makes our 'PANACEA' community dungeon parties different to some of the more mainstream fetish events out there?

I was asked this question by a friend recently because she had attended a fetish night with us previously, and this got me thinking. My answer was this:

  • Dungeon - Mistress K, one of my partners, is a pro-Domme and hence works in various dungeons in London. I have helped her at sessions and to test out potential dungeons and this is our favourite dungeon in London by far. It has some of the best kink and non-kink furniture and a great overall atmosphere and decor.

  • Music, and focus on play - the music won't be as loud, it will be less crowded and there deliberately won't be shows or a DJ. We have two small sound-systems one for each floor but the volumes will be kept low because in our case instead of the dungeon being an after thought, THE ENTIRE VENUE IS A HUGE DUNGEON! So the emphasis is on dungeon play and those actively playing will be given priority with their scenes respected at all times.

  • Play scenes - Last few parties there was a very up for it crowd and I observed a lot of very varied play across the dungeon. The equipment was put to very good use and there were some great scenes.

  • Play and nudity - we have a kink/fetish dress code as do most other venues but unlike many we also allow play and nudity in the entire venue.

  • Intimacy room - We will still have an intimacy room, which we have gone to some lengths to prepare for a more intimate atmosphere and comfort. There is a four poster bed, some places to sit and mats, throws, pillows etc so a large number of persons can comfortably play.

  • Poly and non-monogamy - Although it's not strictly a swinging party I also observed a number of new connections being made including some inter-group play, across different genders/orientations etc. Most people attending are either poly or non-monogamous in one way or another. A big part of our ethos and mission is bringing people together. This is a chance to meet the London Poly and non-mono community and hopefully form new, fulfilling connections with us.

  • House kink specialists - Finally we will have our house experts available to monitor the play in their respective areas, keep everyone safe and also show people the ropes as it were and/or help with scenes, group play, or simply play with people. This includes Kari who will be the house Domme and will cover things such as impact play, tease and denial, group play etc, Will our rope specialist who has trained with some of the best grand masters, and his assistants, possibly our needle play specialists, need to check with them actually!

  • Photography - Also we will have a house photographer who will take pics ONLY of people who have consented when they arrive. People get armbands of the right colours. There will also be a portrait area where you can go to have pics taken.

  • CONSENT and security - We're very big on consent, and we have a lovely lady head of security, "La Cher", who is very friendly but also dead tough and won't take any crap from anyone. She really is great at keeping us safe and feeling well looked after. So far we have not had any security incidents and attendees have been very well behaved. This is partly due to it being a play focused event, rather than there being a focus on drinking/dancing. Play requires focus and a certain level of sobriety. Intoxication beyond safe levels will exclude people from using dungeon equipment or entering potentially dangerous scenes.

  • Drinks and food - it's currently bring your own, although a basic tea/coffee service should be available. I kinda love this because it means I can plan my limit before hand and not get carried away with the bar. Also it saves me lots of money and means I can control exactly what food I bring. None of this confiscating of food or drink by security.



See you there soon! "


David x


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