At time of writing the Coronavirus has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation and we are taking this seriously.

After some consideration and discussing with members we realise we are unable to cater to everyone so we have decided to allow individuals to decide for themselves whether they would like to attend our small parties or not.  Thefore parties and events will be continuing until further notice and/or we receive new recommendations from the authorities.

We will however be putting the following measures in place:

  1. Staying at home - Persons who are potentially in an infectious stage and have any symptoms will be asked to stay at home please.

  2. Hand-washing - We respectfully ask that everyone wash their hands at any of the four sinks with the anti-bacterial soaps and disposable towels provided at the following times:​​

    1. Upon arrival at the venue​

    2. Before consumption of any food or drink

    3. When using the lavatories

    4. Before and after any play scenes

  3. Dungeon kit - We will do our utmost to ensure cleanliness in the dungeon but also ask that attendees use the provided cleaning spray and disposable towels provided, two sets on each floor, to spray and wipe down any equipment BEFORE and AFTER they engage in a scene.​

  4. Intimate contact - some of you may choose to engage in intimate contact with others for the first time, please be aware of this potential risk and be doubly sure to check that all involved are happy to proceed and that you are all fully aware of the risk levels not just for yourselves but those in your extended entourage.   Protection will be provided as usual but this will not protect you from potential infection.

  5.  Social contact - obviously with persons you have decided to have intimacy with this will be a moot point but with others we encourage you to minimise contact, e.g. use alternatives to handshakes.   Where possible stay 1 meter away from scenes unless explicitly agreed with all involved.

  6. Limiting numbers - we will ensure that there is plenty of space in the dungeon so attendees or groups of attendees do not need to be too close to each other unless by design.

  7. Tickets - for those choosing to self isolate or stay away due to the current health situation we will be glad to transfer to a future event or we would accept if attendees transfer between themselves.  Please note this offer is valid only up until 24 hours before the event start time.

We realise these are stressful and challenging times but we also sincerely hope that despite this we still manage to stay positive and find some responsible enjoyment, particularly if this could be the last party we attend in a long time!