vision - Kinky Poly London hub for ALL ❤️

The goal is to create a permanent hub and community where ALL people that are kinky and non-monogamous can meet, be themselves, make friends and more, find support, help each other, share love and kindness.

This is a home for those that are open to and accepting of differences. Those that are not frightened to deviate from the expected and express their love in the way that is best for themselves and their loved ones, and NOT necessarily what society or cultural norms prescribe.

A concern is that there are currently people out there, who do not yet realise they might be poly or kinky or both.

Also that there are people out there that don't know how to find us, OUR community.

***PLEASE message us if you want to be added to our secret group.*** [it is entirely discreet, only other existing members can see you there]

Finally there might be those that know how to find us but for whatever reason are scared to join us because they don't yet realise what a lovely bunch we are and how easy it is to be part of our community or are scared of the judgement of others.

Poly is used in the widest possible definition of the term here. It really could be anyone vaguely non-monogamous or who is even just interested to find out more about it. There are no restrictions for membership other than being open minded and accepting. ❤️

Remember polyamory means more love. The world needs more love.

Thanks for your support.

Love you all 🐾


The world needs more love! "


David x


Poly Play Parties is the kinky play events division of the London Poly Munch and as such we will be organising events specifically tailored for the non-monogamous and kinky community in and around London. 


The London Poly Munch is a group set up to promote non-monogamy and kink in and around the London area.  Please see our vision below and feel free to link to our FB page if you'd like to join our growing and active online community.

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