Blind Murder Game Rules

Will you be a murderer or a victim?


Join our blind murder game! Who will murder who and on what bit of dungeon kit? and with what weapon? On the spinning St Andrews Cross? With the double floggers? With the rope? Join as a single or a group, you decide if you want to be the murderer/s or victim/s.

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After some discussions in our private group we have come up with the following rules for our blind murder game:

  1. Victims will fill out murder criteria on a card specifically stating what they are OK to engage in and NOT OK to engage in. This could include details of the potential murderers e.g. age, gender, etc but also types of play, weapons.

  2. Murderers will pick a victim card, if they match, i.e. match the victims murder criteria, they may still decide not to engage with that victim in which case they will pick another victim card until they match with one they would be happy to engage with.

  3. Once the murderer has a victim card they are happy with, they can pick a weapon and location card, then ask if the victim would like to join them for a light and short murder.

  4. The rules of engagement are that ONLY activities specified as OK in the victim card can take place during the game. Any activities not specifically stated as OK on the card MUST be explicitly agreed by all involved parties BEFORE the scene takes place and added in writing to the card.

Love and hugs

David and crew x

PS: please have a look at the survival guide here if you haven't already.