Panacea - Murderous March - Sat 28th March 2020

9pm - 3am secret location available on ticket purchase - near victoria line station.

Will you be a murderer or a victim?


Join our blind murder game! Who will murder who and on what bit of dungeon kit? and with what weapon? On the spinning St Andrews Cross? With the double floggers? With the rope? Join as a single or a group, you decide if you want to be the murderer/s or victim/s.

See game rules here

Tickets available here

A poly/non-monogamous friendly dungeon party in a lovely two level Gothic style dungeon with actual room to swing your floggers!

Focus will be on dungeon play but there will be light music.

Although there is extensive dungeon equipment, no removable toys will be provided so bring your own weapons of choice.

There will be house dominants/switches with their own toys who will be available to help with the equipment and play with people too.

Bring your own food and drink.

Text from the FL event:

The London Poly Munch is hosting our very own dungeon party. Thank you all that helped make the last one such a success. We are keeping the same focus, i.e. on quality dungeon play, as before but we are also making some key improvements such as:

- more intimate, intimacy room
- a dating/meeting online forum facility
- more space between dungeon equipment
- tea and coffee facilities

There are limited spaces as we are trying to keep numbers reasonable to ensure the dungeon doesn't get overcrowded, so book now to avoid disappointment.

This is also a chance to get know the London Poly community a little better.

The purpose is to create play events that support all relationship models, full diversity with total equality, and to encourage people in those communities to come together and share memorable experiences.

Love and hugs

David and crew x

PS: please have a look at the survival guide here if you haven't already.