Pre Panacea Social - Sat 14th Sept 2019

12 lunch time @ Cittie of Yorke pub, 22 High Holborn, Holborn, London, WC1V 6BN - look for the London Poly Munch signs 

This is the pre-party social for those that would like to get to know us a bit before the event, meet, make friends or just catch up.

Please support us by joining up to the FL event on here:

Can't wait to see you all there! All the hugs. Here is about the actual dungeon party on Sat 28th Sept:

Please see the latest Panacea dungeon play party for non-monogamous kinksters in and around London here:


Why our events?

* **Dungeon** - This is our favourite dungeon in London by far. It has some of the best kink and non-kink furniture and a great overall atmosphere and decor.
* **Play** – instead of the dungeon being an afterthought, **THE ENTIRE VENUE IS A HUGE DUNGEON!** So the emphasis is on dungeon play and those actively playing will be given priority with their scenes respected at all times. Low volume music so you can get auditory feedback during scenes. Sex and nudity is allowed everywhere in the venue. A very up for it crowd and a lot of varied play across the dungeon. Always some great scenes
* **Intimacy Room** - A more intimate atmosphere and comfort. Four poster bed, some places to sit and mats, throws, pillows etc so a large number of persons can comfortably play.
* **Non-monogamy** - Most attending are either poly or non-monogamous in one way or another. A big part of our ethos and mission is bringing people together. This is a chance to meet the London Poly and non-mono community and hopefully form new, fulfilling connections with us.
* **Kink Specialists** – House experts includes the gorgeous passion driven Mistress K, as house Domme, Will Marlowe our rope specialist who has trained with some of the best grand masters, and his assistants, needle play specialists and other guests depending on the night.
* **Try and buy** - you will usually find a decent spread of high quality and good value hand crafted BDSM gear supplied by the talented Vicky of
* **Kink education** - our events always offer the opportunity to develop your kink skills. Look out for our dungeon workshops and you can always book some time with our kink specialists at any of our parties who will be glad to either simply take part in your scenes and/or engage in knowledge transfer. See a review of our first workshop here

Some extracts from our Trustpilot reviews:

* *"This is my favourite kinky party in London - I've been to every one of them, and I think of Panacea as a kinky home from home. The venue is amazingly furnished but not too big, the team is lovely and friendly, and it's easy to make friends and have conversations - not something you can really say about the huge venues like TG!"*
* *"This is the most friendly and relaxed kinky party you'll find in London. We seek to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable so they can explore the kinks in a safe and chilled environment and make like minded friends or partners"*

And from our public FB page:

* *"It is a welcoming friendly group who take the time to explain the group and it's aims and they do so in a hassle free way without placing any pressures on people attending."*
* *"Very friendly group of souls with a common aim love attending munches Made some fantastic friends"*